Do your patients need to recover their bearing or regain their sense of balance?

Gymplate© is the ideal physiotherapist tool for a wide range of therapeutic indications: traumato-orthopaedic pathologies (support recovery before walking recovery), neurological disorders (cerebellar affections, Parkinson, hemiplegia, stroke motor sequelae...), vestibular affections (dizziness, dependence on vision ...), prevention of the risk of falls among elderly subjects.

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The reference in balance rehabilitation

GYMPLATE© is a platform equipped with high precision force sensors, allowing the analysis of the patient's balance by recording the movements of their centre of pressure (projection of the centre of gravity).

> A multi-sensory approach

 The modularity of the Gymplate© platform allows the physiotherapist to change both test conditions and patient's balance workout (eyes open/closed, with foam, unstable plate, optokinetic disturbance [e.g. Optotest] ... etc ) in order to detect and rehabilitate the respective influence of each sensory input on balance (vision, proprioception, inner ear).

The software allows a complete assessment of the patient's balance through simple and precise clues, and then according to the detected problems provides the patient with targeted and tailored rehabilitation exercises with auditory and visual feedback:

• Lateral/sagittal instability
Lateral/sagittal asymmetry
Left/right transfer of support
Stability limits workout
• Eyes closed workout (auditive feedback)
• Double-Task workout


> A proactive and fun rehabilitation

The software interface provides the patients with a visual and/or auditory feedback on the quality of their balance, allowing them to gradually rebuild their motor skills and appreciation of their motor control. They get involved in their rehabilitation in an effective and playful way.

Monitoring progress of the patient is also possible by comparing a first recording with a second at the end of the medical care, or by controlling the evolution of the score obtained for each exercise over the sessions.


  • Gymplate© forceplate
  • Rehabilitation software
  • Handlebar and support kit
  • User guide
  • Rehabilitation protocols guide
  • Option : accessories pack
  • Option : Computer + screen



> Traumatology (supports, proprioception)
> balance workout in Neurology
   (post stroke, Parkinson, cerebral palsy ...)
> Fall risk prevention in the elderly


> Large applications panel
> Playful rehabilitation
> Adaptability to the patient
> Ease of use