EXPERT stabilometric platform

Thanks to FEETEST6© stabilometric platforms, practitioners can assess precisely patients' sensory-motor balance control by quantifying postural stability on a static or unstable surface, with a separated analysis between the two feet.

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A precision platform

 FEETEST 6© platforms consist of four small independent forceplates allowing a dissociated analysis of Left/Right and Heel/Metatarsus supports for each foot.

This technical specification provides a more detailed analysis of postural strategies and in more various positions compared to conventional stabilometry platforms.

FEETEST6© platforms specifications :

  • L/R CoP dissociation
  • Heel/Toe CoP dissociation 
  • Weight distribution on each foot area
  • Complete stabilometric analysis
    CoP position, Velocity, FFT (X,Y,Z), ...
  • 3 feet placements (parral or 30°) + Unipodal + Free placement
  • Usable with unstable board


A simple and user friendly software

The new software POSTUREWIN 4© allows you to easily analyze patient records and to perform a synthetized posture and balance report. Each session is saved in order to observe the patient's evolution along the rehabilitation sessions.


Fonctionnality :

- Patients database
- Statokinesigram replay
- Standardized parameters (Mean X/Y, Surface, Length, Velocity...)
- Romberg coefficient
- Fraquencies analysis (FFT)
- Graphic report and comparison to standards
- Import-Export
- Print + PDF export


  • FEETEST6© platform
  • Feet placement wedge
  • POSTUREWIN© software
  • Support + handlebar
  • Carrying case
  • User guide
  • Option : dynamic plate



> Traumatology
> Neurology
> Sensori-motor disorders
> Vestibular disorders
> Fall risk prevention
> Postural check-up in sports


> Accurate
> Safe
> Easy to use
> Transportable