Mission & values



Patients' health and practitioners' satisfaction  
are the result of a combination of listening, competence and performance. TechnoConcept's primary mission is to meet these expectations alongside health professionals.

Our products and services are intended for medical and paramedical practitioners specialized in Functional Assessment and Rehabilitation through a full range of multidisciplinary products and a single goal: optimize both your daily practice and the efficiency of your patients’ rehabilitation.


Innovation, Efficiency, Quality

Born in its R&D service and designed entirely by our team, Techno Concept’s range of products follows a process completely controlled by the company, from conception to commercialization. Our many collaborations with clinicians and research centers ensure the quality and performance control of our products.

We help you in everyday life through:
  > The innovation of our R&D service
  > The quality of our products and equipments
  > Our Training, Installation and After-Sales services

Manufactured in France

                All Techno Concept’s’ range of products is developed, designed and produced at our headquarters in Mane (04).