Dynafoot 2

A complete solution for dynamic pressure mapping and gait cycle analysis

DYNAFOOT© is a wireless system for plantar pressures and gait spatial-temporal parameters analysis.
Used in podiatry (orthotics design ...), functional rehabilitation (spatiotemporal gait parameters) or to evaluate sport athletes' performance, this wireless solution will allow a simple and precise analysis in a total freedom of movement.


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DYNAFOOT© is a system composed of insoles equiped with pressure sensors on its entire surface, concepted for recording the feet's load distribution by inserting them directly into the patient's shoe.
Thus, the analysis is done as close to the foot and allows to easily analyze walking, in natural dynamic condition, without distance or wire constraint.

> Accurate, compact and easy to use

Equipped with high precision calibrated resistive sensors, DYNAFOOT© insoles offer a high-quality measurment of pressure distribution during walking.

DYNAFOOT© is a compact, portable and wireless system that significantly reduces space constraints in the medical office or rehabilitation center, and offers a real freedom of movement for the patient.


The NEW SOFTWARE version DYNAFOOTprovides even more reliability and accuracy:

- New sensor design
- Insole size available from 28 to 47 EU for childrens and adults
- Calibration of each insole size for a more accuracy

- New software for more functionalities and ergonomics




With its ergonomics and ease of use, the associated software will allow you to easily establish a synthetic assessment on the quality of patient support and on the parameters of the gait cycle (cadence, step length, speed, phases duration ...).

DYNAFOOT 2 software is compatible with computers, laptops and tactile tablets
under Windows operating system and equiped with a Bluetooth connection.



Base de données patients Analyse pas à pas Analyse du cycle de marche


> S.A.S OPTION - Step Analysis System © 

S.A.S© option allows to perform a standardized walk capture on a fixed distance between two borns and to obtain spatial paramters of gait cycle (step length, walk velocity) for a standing or flying start.

• 2 magnetic borns (START – FINISH)
• Access to spatial parameters of gait cycle in the software 




  • 4 pairs of DYNAFOOT© insoles
  • 2 recording units
  • DYNAFOOT© software
  • Charging base
  • Dongle Bluetooth 2.4GHz
  • Carrying case
  • User guide
  • Option : additional insoles pairs
  • Option : S.A.S kit



> Podiatry
> Orthopedics
> Walk analysis
> Sport analysis


> Wireless system
> Measurement accuracy
> Easy to use
> Tansportable